She Wrote What?

She Wrote What?

She Wrote What?

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Part Two of an Ongoing Series – Fantasy Flash Fiction

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Fantasy Flash Series Part Two


Colette was nervously smoothing her sweaty palms over her skirts. Finally Prince Jakoi placed his hand firmly over hers, trapping it on her thigh. She turned to him and forced a smile, using her free hand to flick a golden strand of hair out of her bright green eyes. Prince Jakoi’s father, King Lance Torothean stood up from the royal throne in the middle of the dais.
“I bid all of you welcome.” The king bellowed to the lords, ladies and common people collected in the throne room. His voice matched his girth and his round stomach shook under the black and gold tunic as he spoke. Colette, started to tremble slightly and the prince tightened his grip on her hand.
“Today is an eventful one.” He continued. “My son’s betrothed has arrived from the southern Kingdom of Koth, and this evening is the royal wedding. I bid you all welcome to sit and sup at my royal table, and to celebrate this joyous union.” The King lowered his massive body back into the ornate throne.

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